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You're tired of alternating between high alert and depression, and wish you could stop feeling something terrible is always about to happen.

You'd love to have more fun but it's hard to relax and enjoy yourself the way other people do.

You want peace and fulfillment, but you feel trapped by "unchangeables" and expectations.

You want to perform your best in high pressure situations, but anxiety gets in the way.

This is the place

for relief and freedom

These are the problems we will solve

Eliminate feelings of chaos

Find control through understanding emotion generation.

Break out of defense mode

Stop spending your energy resolving for threats and step into safety

Get your anxiety out of the driver’s seat

Learn anxiety mastery strategies for every circumstance.

These are the results you can expect

Basket of Apples
  • You'll have increased productive energy as you stop spending unnecessary resources on defense

  • You'll have access to peak performance, even when under stress.

  • You'll have satisfaction, balance, and creative joy

  • Greater self-understanding = less conflict and more understanding in your relationships

  • You'll be centered, settled, and in control

The Details
  • Private, one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Weekly, trackable challenges and goals to keep you progressing

  • Help to uncover the unconscious workings of your brain and nervous system​

  • Individualized instruction for developing a large toolbox of strategies  

This is the help you've been searching for

it's time to have the life you want

stop worrying

I've got you

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